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Risk Analysis

Risk is inherent in our day-to-day life. The management of operational, financial, strategic and business risk allows a more conscious decision making and the implementation of appropriate measures, avoiding undesired situations.

Risk analysis is the process of systematically thinking about all possible unwanted outcomes before they occur and creating procedures that will avoid, minimize or enable the company to deal with negative impacts on its strategic objectives.

We support our clients in the development and implementation of Risk Management Models adjusted to their reality, which allow us to identify, analyze and evaluate the risk to which the company is subject, and to define action plans that will enable mitigation, acceptance, transfer or elimination the risk. This risk analysis leads to the strengthening of its decisions, reducing surprises and losses and defending and valuing capital.

Strategy Mapping

Did you know that 90% of organizations fail to execute their strategy and that 95% of employees are not aware of, or do not understand, the strategy of their organization?

The ACS helps companies to successfully execute their strategy by articulating it with operational objectives, improving behavior and performance at all levels of the organization. The alignment of the various objectives guarantees the reinforcement and implementation of the defined strategy, allowing the organization to really focus on what is important. The AEC puts the strategy at the center of the management process.

Revitalization of Companies

Nature is our greatest teacher because it teaches us that from a fragile thing life is born and that with these lives a new world full of opportunities is laid.

AEC can make a complete diagnosis to your company to evaluate the current state and propose a plan of actions that, with specialized monitoring, will bring a new future to your company.

Strategic Analysis

Nowadays the only certainty is change and successful organizations are guided by clear goals that lead to sustained growth. Strategy is an integrated set of actions outlined by an organization to create competitive advantage.

It is a complex journey through a sea of ​​decisions in a constantly evolving external environment, built on the foundations of the organization. The AEC helps its clients to create a strategy of success, from the diagnosis, design and implementation of the strategy, to the alignment of the whole organization.

Knowing well where you want to go and focusing on what is essential to get where you want, mobilizes the most appropriate resources, avoiding waste, enhancing alignment and achieving objectives.